Peer-to-peer incentivized coordination network.

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Protocol and Market System for Incentive-driven Coordination of Decentralized AI.

Fully community driven, no bureaucracy, no team, no premine. Only code and contributors.


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Welcome to Commune

A place for permissionless and censorship resistant cooperation .


Composable architecture

Commune supports a modular architecture that encourages code reuse, allowing developers to create self-contained modules that can be easily integrated into multiple projects. This enhances scalability and maintainability.

Commune facilitates the sharing and discovery of reusable modules among developers, enabling them to contribute their own modules and benefit from the shared pool of resources.


Parallelize Usecases

With a large number of specialized network sectors (subnets), the protocol ensures that every industry can be represented.

The low entry cost and the protocol's landscape ensure that useful miners are incentivized to participate, helping the network to grow.


No Premine, Meritocratic Distribution

Rewards are split 50% to miners (specialized APIs with off-chain architechtures) and 50% to validators, validating the legitimacy of the miners.

Rewards are distributed every 100 blocks, with a block time of 8 seconds.


Managing protocol's incentives

Validators have to evaluate miners at regular intervals, ensuring coverage of the entire network and updating for new projects.

Miner's prioritize serving Validators based on Stake and consensus, the more Stake the more weight on incentives.