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A Peer to Peer Incentive-driven Coordination System for AI

Commune AI is a censorship-resistant peer to peer protocol and Stake-based market system of Modules. A Module is a onchain identifier residing in a global namespace wrapped around a offchain object, which can be anything that is computable behind an endpoint, from AI models, datasets, storage, scrapers to simply raw compute. Anything that can be turned into an API. This separates all computation from the chain and allows Modules to be arbitrarily complex and computationally expensive systems.

Modules are coordinated through a blockchain-based circular Stake-based economic mechanism. Stake is mined by providing a subjective utility competitively to Validator Stake, such as inference to a model. Stakeholders can utilize any set of programming languages and computing systems to create incentive landscapes according to their needs, granting access to generalized incentive programming proportional to their Stake.

This allows for a versatile, parallel, highly competitive and cooperative economy of Modules to emerge, that is available to Stakeholders to build an application and business ecosystem on top. Modules are composable and development pipelines can be build across them. Developers can flexibly integrate Modules into their stack, without asking permissions. All value exchange happens peer to peer without intermediaries, free for anyone to participate with profits flowing directly to producers. Without any single entity gating access or controlling the direction of the protocol.

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If you are new to CommuneX, start by learning some concepts. Then you can explore the tutorials to get a better understanding on how to get started.


Set up your commune and wallet to start participating in the network.

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Learn the Concepts

Understand the basics of the network, weight system, governance, and more.

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Code Documentation

Learn the structure of Commune AI source code, and how to contribute.

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Watch Videos

Watch tutorials and guides on how to operate within the Commune AI network.

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