Basic Concepts

What is CommuneX

CommuneX is a fully-equipped stable alternative library / SDK to the original Commune AI codebase. It has everything you need to interact with the Commune protocol and was build from scratch with the goal of scalable development and a streamlined user experience.

What is Commune's blockchain?

Commune's blockchain tracks the economic information of its participants, rather than their activity itself. The AI validation happens offchain and only its results, in the form of weights, are submitted to the chain. This separates the computation heavy elements from the chain. The blockchain ensures this economic ledger is immutable and permissionless, to allow peer to peer coordination to emerge at scale.

What is Stake?

Stake are coins staked on Validators in order to actively participate in the protocol. Stake is ownership over the protocols economic landscape of incentives and has both power to control what is incentivized and how it is utilized. Stake owns the value the protocol incentives create, proportional to its share.

Mining basics

How to mine, create a miner, deploy a miner, register a miner.

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Validating basics

How to validate, create a validator, deploy a validator, register a validator.

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Subnets basics

What are subnets, making a subnet, deploying a subnet, subnet parameters, types of subnets.

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Module basics

What are modules, deploying, registering, and connecting to them.

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Weights basics

What are weights, how do they work, how to set weights.

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Governance Basics

Operate on testnet, run a local node, learn network parameters, learn consensus.

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