SubnetsSubnet Parameters

Subnet Parameters

Subnet parameters are local to each subnet and do not impact anything outside of it. They provide a set of tools for the subnet founder to configure its constraints to optimize its functioning.


  • name: The name of the subnet.

  • founder: The account ID or address of the founder of the subnet.

  • founder_share: The portion of subnet's emission allocated to the founder.

  • immunity_period: The duration of the immunity period for the subnet. During this period, the subnet may have certain privileges or protections, such as being exempt from certain rules or penalties.

  • incentive_ratio: The ratio of emission distribution between miners and validators.

  • max_allowed_uids: The maximum number of unique identifiers (UIDs) allowed within the subnet.

  • max_allowed_weights: The maximum number of weights allowed to be set by the subnet's validators.

  • min_allowed_weights: The minimum number of weights allowed to be set by the subnet's validators.

  • min_stake: The minimum stake required for participants in the subnet. It specifies the minimum amount of tokens that participants must stake or lock up to be eligible for participation or rewards.

  • tempo: The tempo frequency at which the subnet emissions are being distributed.

  • vote_mode: The vote mode determines whether the subnet operates in authority, only founder can make changes or vote parameter changes have to be done though a proposal Governance process

  • max_weight_age: The maximum lifespan of weights within the subnet. Weights pass the age won't count into the emission distribution.

Listing parameters through CLI

To list the parameters on a certain subnet

comx subnet info <subnet-id>