SubspaceCommune Blockchain

Subspace The Commune Blockchain

Commune's blockchain Subspace, is built on top of the Rust Substrate framework.


Subspace is built using Substrate, a framework for developing scalable and upgradeable blockchains. It provides the core functionality and security needed for Commune's platform:

  1. Implements Commune's consensus mechanism
  2. Advertises cluster modules and their IP addresses
  3. Enables peer discovery for nodes to connect with each other


  1. Complete the basic Rust setup instructions.

  2. Clone this repository:

git clone cd subspace/



To build the node without launching it, run:

cargo build --release


To run a single development node with ephemeral storage:

./target/release/node-subspace --dev

This will start a Subspace node with a clean state. The node's state will be discarded on exit.

To retain the node's state between runs, specify a base path:

mkdir my-chain-state/ ./target/release/node-subspace --dev --base-path ./my-chain-state/

Other useful commands:

# Purge chain state ./target/release/node-subspace purge-chain --dev # Detailed logging RUST_BACKTRACE=1 ./target/release/subspace-ldebug --dev # Explore parameters and subcommands ./target/release/node-subspace -h


To run all tests:

cargo test --all

To run specific tests:

cargo test -p pallet-subspace --test test_voting

To run tests with detailed logs:

SKIP_WASM_BUILD=1 RUST_LOG=runtime=debug cargo test -- --nocapture


Subspace leverages the modular and extensible architecture of Substrate. It uses FRAME pallets to encapsulate domain-specific logic such as consensus, storage, and p2p networking.

Notable components:

  • /node: Implementation of the Subspace node including networking, consensus, and RPC
  • /runtime: The core blockchain logic responsible for validating and executing state transitions
  • /pallets: Custom FRAME pallets with Commune-specific logic