SubnetsDeploying a Subnet

Deploying a Subnet

First follow the guides at:

Registering a New Subnet

After you have your full subnet code ready, according to all of the predefined requirements. Proceed with registering a new subnet storage. The cost of doing so might vary based on several factors, where the primary factor is whether the maximum amount of subnets is registered. In the case that the protocol has reached the subnet limit, you have to deploy more tokens than the least staked subnet in order to register.

You can register a new subnet by proceeding with the following command:

comx module register <name> <key-name> [--new-subnet-name <your-subnet-name>]

In case the subnet storage is full, which you can see by listing all of the subnets

comx subnet list

And then comparing it to the max_allowed_subnets field, which you can query by

comx network params

Then you will have to pass a large enough stake value.

comx module register <name> <key-name> [--new-subnet-name <your-subnet-name>] [--stake <amount-higher-than-lowest-subnet-stake>]

After you registered your subnet, you are still not eligible for an emission distribution. For emissions to start your subnet will have to pass the subnet_stake_threshold global parameter field, in the moment of writing, defined as 5% of the overall network stake. To accomplish this, we would recommend reaching out to the community and pitching your idea, into convincing members why they should stake to your subnet.