Working with KeysBalance Operations

Balance Operations

Transferring Balance

You can transfer balance from one key to another

comx balance transfer <key-name> <amount> <receiver-ss58address>

Or, if the receivers key is located on your disk

comx balance transfer <key-name> <amount> <key-name>

Staking Balance

When staking a balance, you first have to pick a subnet id (netuid) and destination validator.

The staking command is defined as follows

comx balance stake <key-name> <amount> <validator-ss58address> [--netuid <number>]

Similar to transferring if the validator key is already located on your disk you can use.

comx balance stake <key-name> <amount> <validator-name> [--netuid <number>]

Unstaking Balance

When unstaking a balance, you need to specify the subnet id (netuid) and the amount you wish to unstake.

The unstaking command is defined as follows:

comx balance unstake <key-name> <amount> <validator-ss58address> [--netuid <number>]

You can also specify the name of the key, if it's located on your disk. Same as in transferring or staking.