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General Subnet

The general subnet (netuid 0) is the only subnet without a consensus mechanism or founder, it is owned by the protocol. It is the only subnet where generality is technically possible as there is no consensus forcing all subnet validators to converge on a uniform validation methodology. This makes the subnet fully flexible to incentivize diverse usecases or initiatives on the fly, even if there is only a single module serving them.

Meaning to incentivize something, instead of requiring a robust autonomous validation system, it can just directly allocate incentive towards it.

This enables the protocol to incentivize things hard to represent as a mining market and allows to add specialized upcases quickly on the fly. It expands the reach of incentives towards elements like community contributions that are hard to reach with yuma subnets.

The s0 Module Curation DAO is actively curating a whitelist of legitimate modules that have a clear value proposition to the protocol. This whitelist serves as a condition to be registered on subnet 0.

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