InstallationSetup Commune

Create Commune


Using pip


To install the communex Python package using pip, run:

pip install communex

Alternatively, to add communex to your Poetry project, use:

poetry add communex

Using Nix

To install the communex CLI with Nix, execute:

nix profile install .


CommuneX offers a variety of features for token management and module interaction:

  • Commands for managing keys, tokens, and modules
  • Key management including creation and listing
  • Token operations such as transferring and staking
  • Module management for registration and updates
  • Client-server interactions for module management
  • Participation in governance processes

CLI Usage

The communex CLI is structured as follows:


Top-Level Subcommands

  • balance: Manage token balances and staking.
  • key: Handle key creation and management.
  • module: Manage information and operations related to modules.
  • network: Interact with network operations like block and proposal management.
  • subnet: Manage subnet information and updates.
  • misc: Access miscellaneous information such as APR and circulating supply.
comx subcommand [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


Retrieving Balance

# Show staked, free and total balance. comx balance show 5FgfC2DY4yreEWEughz46RZYQ8oBhHVqD9fVq6gV89E6z4Ea

Creating a Key

comx key create key_name

Retrieving Key Info

comx key show key_name # Add the `--show-private` flag to show sensitive fields like private key. comx key show key_name --show-private

Listing Keys

# Lists the names and addresses of keys stored on disk. comx key list

List Keys With Balances

# Lists keys stored on disk with their balance (free, staked and total). comx key balances

Retrieving Module Information

# Note that the module has to be registered on the network. comx module info vali::calc [--balance]

Retrieving Global Parameters

comx network params

Retrieving Subnet Parameters

comx subnet list

Retrieving Circulating Supply

# Gets all tokens then were ever emitted minus burned tokens. comx misc circulating-supply


You can enable completions for your shell by running:

# On bash comx --install-completion bash # On zsh comx --install-completion zsh


Bug reports and pull requests and other forms of contribution are welcomed and encouraged! :)

To report a bug or request a feature, please open an issue on GitHub.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the CommuneX Discord channel or post on our GitHub discussions page.

To contribute to the codebase, using Poetry you can install the development dependencies with:

poetry install --with dev

it can require some environment-specific binaries to be installed

Commune compatibility

Yes, CommuneX is compatible with the commune library/CLI. However, there are important considerations to note. CommuneX verifies the integrity of your keys, which means that mixing certain types of keys is not permissible. Specifically, if you possess node keys or other similar types that are not designed to receive tokens, you will need to relocate them outside of the key directory.