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Module registration


If you want your miner or validator to be recognized by the network, you need to register it as a module. Also, if you're about to register a miner, make sure that you served it beforehand or no validator will be able to connect to it.

Registering a module

Registering Through CLI

comx module register <module_name> <module_key> [--ip <integer>] [--port <integer>] [--netuid <integer>] [--stake <float>] [--metadata <text>] [--new-subnet-name]

Note that there's a burn for registration, and this is dynamic. You'll be informed the amount when you try to register and be prompted to accept it. The tokens that are burned on registration are permanently lost.

The arguments inside braces are optional. Please note that if want to register a miner, you should provide the public ip and port in which your miner is running. --stake is how much stake you're going to put on your module initially, and it defaults to the minimum stake + the registration burn of the subnet you're being registered. You can use --new-subnet-name if you want to register the module on a brand new subnet that you're creating now.

If you are not satisfied with any parameter on your module, you can update it:

comx module update <key-name> <module-name> <ip> <port> [--delegation-fee] [--netuid] [--metadata]