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Weight System

Weights are the most fundamental concept in the economics of Commune. Stake collectively weights the distribution of rewards. Validator Stake submits weights periodically representing the proportion of rewards each Miner should have according to their evaluation.

This allows to granularly define and adapt the distribution of rewards between miners, while separating the computation involved in calculating the weights from the protocol. Allowing to create granular, adaptive, dynamic incentive landscapes.

Since this basic mechanism alone is vulnerable to selfish dishonest actors, subnets run a consensus calculation between the transformation of local weights to global weights based on Stake.

See Yuma Consensus

Setting Weights

To set weights you will first need:

  • Wallet
  • Balance
  1. Register your validator on a subnet

You will first have to pick a subnet on which you will set the weights on. This also means that you have to register your key there.

comx module register <name-of-validator> <key-name> [--netuid <id>]

Since validator doesn't need to have any exposed endpoints, you can leave out ip and port specification.

  1. Stake your tokens to the desired subnet
comx balance stake <key-name> <amount> <your-validator-addresses> [--netuid <subnet-id>]
  1. Set the weights on set of uids

Python code example

from communex.compat.key import classic_load_key from communex.client import CommuneClient # this is the id of the subnet, you want to set weights on, make sure your key is registered here netuid = 3 # the ids of miners you want to set weights on uids = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] # the weight you put on each miner weights = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] # load your key, make sure it's registered on the `netuid` and has a stake on it key = classic_load_key("foo") client = CommuneClient("wss://") result =, uids=uids, weights=weights, netuid=3)

Important consideration is also a subnet consensus.

That means that it might not be a profitable strategy to set scoring outside of the subnetwork intend.